Monday, April 25, 2011

hoorah for musk oxen!

Both male and female musk oxen have long, curved horns, but only the males give off a strong stink, which is the origin of their name. It is believed that these creatures lived alongside the wolly mammoth during the Pleistocene period, so they've been around for a while!

When threatened by predadors, musk oxen instinctively form a protective circle around their young. I've depicted them in this formation with stalking wolves in the background.

the vector graphic (step 4)

the drawing (step 3)

the sculptures (step 2)

the study (step 1)

Slowly but surely, this book is coming along! As always, thanks for your support =)


  1. I love their quiet, stinky determination.

  2. I definitely wouldn't go up against them no matter how hungry I was!!!