Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Preita the Polar Bear

Preita is such a pretty Finnish name. I just stumbled across it and thought it perfect for the portrait. It means "most loving one."

Polar bears roll in the snow to clean their fur...

down the hill she goes!

This pose was inspired by my cat, Luther.
He loves to roll around on his back...

detail of the trees in the background

I'm proud of this portrait because it includes movement, expression, and an interesting background. I feel that I've met a lot of previous challenges as well as the last one, which was to choose an animal based on an interesting behavior, and illustrate that behavior.

Discovery - drawing from a small sculpture, or maquette works well too
Lesson - look to other artists for inspiration (shout out to Charley Harper!)
Challenge - two animals fighting or one animal hunting another

(To view the study, sculpture, drawing, and vector graphic for this portrait, please view a previous post.)


  1. Monica, this is probably... no, it is definitely my personal favorite. You are truly talented! I can't stop looking at it. I want it for over the bed. What size is this one?

  2. this is a really cool piece, Mon! i love it!! :)

  3. amazing!! I'll be putting in an order for this one, too :-)