Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Golden Bear Collage

Here is another fabric collage I just finished yesterday. It's for my friend, Steve Hilferty (also bass player in Martian Horses.) A big thanks goes out to him for commissioning this piece, depicting a Golden Bear. This proud (but unfortunately extinct) animal is UC Berkeley's mascot and is on the California state flag.

The material that makes up the lighter parts of the bear is a shiny gold sari fabric, and the green background is a piece of fabric that Andy got me from India. So, I guess there's more of an Indian spirit in this one than I realized.

This collage is also a lot bigger than those I'm doing for my book. This is 24" x 48" whereas the others are 12" x 24". It's a lot more difficult to work on a larger scale, but I do love how it opens up the palette to include busier textile designs.


  1. I wish you could all see this in person! It is so beautiful, yet at the same time fierce and powerful. I feel lucky to get to see Monica's work in person.

  2. I'm really digging this one. I especially like the patterns on the bear.