Friday, July 13, 2012

glenda gecko

paper, acrylics, wood, glue, wire, nails / 12" x 9"


Here are a few close-up shots of the painted textures and paper/wood cut outs.


I've actually been working on this portrait for over a year now — I started working on the sculpture in Spring 2011!

(1) The picture of the Madagascan Day Gecko is from The Big Book of Animals by Sheila Hanly, which has been the inspiration for a lot of my work. This was my main reference for the sculpture.

(2) The sculpture is 7" x 4" x 4" with a wooden base which can be mounted to the wall. It took me forever to figure out how to do this. It was only when I recently started working with wood that I found a solution.

(3) and (4) As usual, I did a drawing and then the vector graphic with the sculpture as reference.

(5) Instead of fabric, I used painted paper. I looked at some of my favorite textiles for pattern ideas, then cut out the pieces with my trusty exacto.

(6) Here are all the pieces of painted paper cut outs. I didn't like how flimsy the paper was though. This was one problem I discovered with my first painted paper cut out — the portrait of the echidnas.

(7) I solved this problem by cutting out a few of the main shapes from wood, so that the paper would have a solid backing. I also wanted the portrait to be more 3D, so I raised a couple of the panels to higher planes, attached with wood, wire, and glue.


Only two more portraits to go, and I'm done! I can't believe it!! Then the most intimidating part — book designing, publication, and marketing ... hopefully I can meet my (extended) deadline of Christmas 2012. I'm asking for forgiveness in advance if I can't quite make it. though :P 

I really appreciate all your support, encouragement, and patience!

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