Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shalise the Scarab

This portrait illustrates the life cycle of a scarab. I've named my beetle Shalise, which is an Egyptian name meaning "beautiful."


To quote my friend Lee, "Dung Beetles lay their eggs in other animals' dung and make plant material. Yay, Ecodung!" I decided to go with the "eco" theme, using as many recycled fabrics as I could.


In addition to being an important part of our ecosystem, the scarab is a prominent figure in human history. This animal was considered sacred to ancient Egyptians, who believed in its connection to the sun god, Ra. The way a scarab would roll a ball of feces across the ground reminded the Egyptians of how the sun would "roll" across the sky each day.


The scarab is a creepy, crawly insect that rolls around balls of poop for a living, but I have to agree with the Egyptians. They deserve my reverence as a beautifully divine creature.

(To view the study, sculpture, drawing, and vector graphic for this portrait, please view a previous post.)

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