Wednesday, June 22, 2011

arabic coffee experiment - episode 2

I figured that scraping off the dried coffee grounds probably would have resulted in smudged stains. So, I soaked them in my bath.

here they are, face down in the tub

the results

more beautiful and interesting to me,
was the bottom of the tub after the water drained away

and this one's just for fun

(well, aren't they all!)

Here's the first episode of the arabic coffee experiment.


  1. I think you're on the trail to something deep. Beautiful results, including the bottom of the tub - as long as the grounds don't clog the drain (that's your mother speaking). Surely you're not going to read the coffee grounds, though?? I look forward to more episodes.

  2. don't worry, mummy. I made sure to keep the grounds from getting down the drain!

    That actually contributed to the nature of the results, since I let the water drain away very slowly. It reminds me of estuaries or something.