Thursday, January 6, 2011

Change of Plan

After much thought, I've decided to make some major changes with regards to my book. Due to some issues I was having, I will no longer be doing an alphabet book, but a trilogy of animal books. Each book will have 15-16 portraits (instead of the whopping 26.)

click to enlarge and read the details

The first book will be entitled Animals on Land which will include most of the portraits I've done so far:

Byron the Bullfrog
Fae the Fox
Ira the Ibex
Jamal the Jaguar
Kai the Kiwi
Lauren the Loris
Quinn the Quail

Talia the Turtle will be in the second book, entitled Animals under Water.

One of the main benefits of this decision is that each book and its respective exhibition will have a cohesive environment, which will hopefully draw the audience deeper into the atmospheres I create.

Another perk of this change is that I can now work on any animal that inspires me! I don't have to worry about what letter it's name starts with anymore. So, please do keep sending suggestions of your favorite animals. Pretty much anything goes!

After all three books are done, I may still put together an alphabet book. I'll even have the option of re-using some of the 45 animal characters that I will have already created.

I feel good about this new direction. Things are making more sense to me now, and I feel a new excitement about this project!


  1. hooray! can't wait for your gallery openings! :D

  2. Very good thinking! I'm excited to be one of the first to get sucked in!