Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flying Rabbit!

I'm working on a project for my sculpture class which will include 3 of these flying rabbits. The wings are made out of Thomas Guide pages, bamboo skewers, wire, masking tape, and glue. The rabbit is made out of canvas material, buttons, and thread. Yay, flying bunnies!!

The rabbits will be displayed at the SD City College show room. (I can't remember the dates, but I'll update this post when I find out.) It's supposed to be a installation piece, which means I have to still think of a background. I'm thinking I might blow up images of Thomas Guide maps and paste them onto the walls. The theme is escape/travel/freedom.


  1. how do you keep one-upping yourself?! amazing.
    a big landscape background would be awesome, too. if you wanna put in a lot of work you could paint an abstract one for it?

  2. hmmm, if there can be flying rabbits, I insist on my flying pigs. (Sorry, this has been my joke with Monica since she was a kid.)

  3. I love the theme and your use of the maps, and normally timid rabbits who would rather hide in their holes but dare to do the opposite. Great inspiration! Your ideas are so amazing.