Thursday, August 5, 2010

fun with organic material

I picked some leaves and petals a few months ago and pressed them between the pages of a heavy book. When I retreived them yesterday, I was happy to see that the colors were still pretty vibrant. With more time, they might fade away, but that would only be natural.

It's fun to look at the shapes of the leaves and imagine something new from them. It makes sense that plants and animals would share similar forms. It touches on the idea that everything is connected, and that ultimately, we're all made from the same stuff.

Organic material is just so beautiful, and I would love to become more familiar with this medium. It's not as pliable as paint, or even fabric, so I don't think it's possible to ever fully harness it. Instead of designing something and using the material to execute, you have to let the material lend itself to a design. But, in that way, I think you end up having more of a partnership with the material. It's more limiting, but also more satisfying.


  1. so awesome. have you seen Rivers and Tides, the Andy Goldsworthy documentary? IT'S AMAZING.

  2. yes! I own that movie and I watched it again the other day. I really admire his work, and it's also cool to hear him talk about his process. He's very in tune with nature.

  3. Aww, those turned out great. So creative :)