Monday, March 7, 2011

Boxing Hares

I was pretty excited when I discovered that, in springtime, hares have frequent boxing matches!

Interestingly enough, the fighters are not typically both male. It's the female who usually starts hitting her suitor. This is either a signal that she isn't ready to mate or a way to test her mate's endurance.

Meet Harriet and Harold the Hares...

the vector graphic (step 4)

the drawing (step 3)

the sculptures (step 2)

the study (step 1)

Stay tuned for the collage!


  1. they look pretty darn serious, don't they? and you say it is usually the female that starts it?? hmmmm. . . wonder if that true for humans, too ;-)

  2. awww... and you are a fighter, too! Don't punch Andy!