Friday, September 17, 2010

Turtle Sculpture

It's been 2 weeks since my last post, and I finally have something new to show you!

I've been working on the sculpture for my next animal, which is a turtle. It's a sea turtle, to be more specific. As you can see, I've done something a little different this time, which is why it took a lot longer than the other sculptures. It's been a fun challange!

I suspended a series of five sea turtles, making a mobile which displays the movement of the animal. It didn't turn out to be quite as dynamic as I'd hoped, but I'm still pleased. I especially like how the reflections on the wall look when you hang it up. I think it's definitely the most decorative sculpture I've done so far, and I'm planning to replicate and sell the mobiles in the future.

So, the next step is the drawing, then the vector graphic, and lastly, the collage. I hope to get all this done by the end of next week, so check back soon!

Thanks for your support and have a great weekend =)


  1. Amazing! Wish you could all see them in person!

  2. Wow, those are really nice...look like wood? I like the suspending idea too to get motion.